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I could be considered illegal
stock - pink roses
Movie & internet lovers, I'm in need of serious help.

It has been a while since I've last watched movies on the Internet. A while.

Usually I use Cuevana and Sidereel to watch the newest episodes of Glee, but that's pretty much all I watch. Neither of them are great for movies, though, so here's what I've got to ask:

Where can I find good quality movies to watch online? And not download them?
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like the comment above, your best best is megaupload.

i normally just netflix stuff. you can pay the minimum $8 a month for netflix. people tend to cringe when it comes to paying, but really. once you've paid the fee, you immediately reap in the benefits.


I'm really, really sorry, I'm awful with remembering stuff, but do I know you from somewhere? (I'm sorry!)

no worries. to be honest, and please don't take offense, i don't remember when i added you either, or why. like reeeeally don't remember. since we don't share much in common by the looks of it, nor do we have similar friends. and neither are we a part of the same communities. freaky.

UNLESS you make icons or something. but otherwise i have no idea. haha

Haha! Glad to know I wasn't the only one with a great, big BLANK on my mind. Phew. You've no idea how awful I've been feeling! I used to make icons, years ago, but never even posted them here. I had a community for that. So, er. Couldn't be that, either.

This is funny.

this absolutely is haha. i've noticed your entries on my friend's page quite often, but never thought about it much mainly because i just thought you were one of my friends that changed their username or something. guess not. haha

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